Posted on: June 7, 2010 6:47 pm

Seattle Mariners Weekly- Week 9

Hello again baseball fans. We saw a not so good week 9. The Mariners went 3-4 this week. The Mariners beat the Twins in a 4 game series. Then the Mariners where home against the Angels and got swept. So this week did not help the Mariners at all in the standings. The Mariners are still dead last by a lot of games. It is getting to the point where I think the Mariners are pretty much done this year. On June 2 Ken Griffey Jr retired. He decided to call it quits on the same day he signed his first contract. A sad time for Mariner fans as a legend is done. We can all hope for the best of Griffey. He will be considered as a hall of famer.

The Mariners player of this week goes to Jose Lopez. This guy hit a amazing 10 for 30 with 4 runs, 2 home runs, and 10 RBI's. That is amazing. Jose Lopez made the biggest difference with our scoring this week. Jose lite up the Mariners. He might be the hottest player right now. Every game except for 1 he got at least 1 hit. That is 6 out of 7 games with a hit. As far as the rest of the Mariners players they have all done great this week but Jose Lopez deserves the player of the week. A honorable mention goes to Ichiro as he does great this week hitting a milestone with 1000 runs. He also got 1 RBI in 5 games this week. He also got 5 runs for the Mariners. I think Ichiro has been a big part of the 3 wins we have had this week. Jose Lopez has been the guy in week 9.

As far as cold players this week it does not go to the hitters. This award goes to the bullpen who have lost two games for the Mariners this week. The Mariners bullpen has been terrible the whole season but on saturday they allowed 10 total runs! That is terrible. On saturday the Mariners had a great game pitching by Ryan Rowland Smith. He went 5 innings and only allowed 1 run. Guess what happens. First Garrett Olson comes in and allows 3 runs and only got 1 out then Kelley comes in and allows another 5. That ruined the game for the Mariners. Also on sunday it was a 4-4 game in the 7th and Shawn Kelley comes in and gives up 2 runs on the home run. It is these kind of things that have lost games for us. Our bullpen is responsible for about 10 of our losses this year. 

This week did not really have a game of the week since none of them really hit me as exiting. So I will say that the Mariners are pretty much out of any talk of making it to the playoffs or maybe even finishing in third place. The best thing the Mariners can do right now is trade Cliff Lee and try to get a hitter and some prospects out of Cliff. If we can do that then next year we can focus on hitting if we just has one hitter who we can rely on since right now nobody can be relied on. Chone Figgins and Don Wakumatsu both got ejected sunday for talking back to the umps. If anybody is wondering Chone Figgins said something bad about the ump and then he got ejected. Don Wakumatsu tried to defend Chone and got ejected too. The Mariners need to do something about their team for years to come. Our starting pitching is fine, bullpen is terrible, hitting is ok but needs to improve. Lets hope for a better week 10. We are going on a road trip starting with Texas. 


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