Posted on: May 10, 2010 12:29 am

Sports players paid to much? Role Models?

     A very talked about topic is are sports players paid to much? Should they be role models? I will tell you what I think and what others think. Ok so personally I think sports players earn ever bit of there money. If you think about it they have to take about nine tenths out of there year just to play sports and practice to get better. They work so hard to be good. A coach a long time ago said "These players deserve they money plus a little bit more".
         Also a very talked about subject is should players be role models to kids. I think they should not have to be but to an extent. They should try not to be a terrible person but everybody makes mistakes and as long and they learn from those mistakes I am fine with that. The whole Tiger Woods thing did bother me a little bit they he cheated on his wife but as long as he can learn and not do it again. I think he is fine. Sports players do get paid a lot so they should be like everybody else and not do any thing to stupid. A basketball player got pulled over for drinking and said " I did not ask to be a role model" That is true he did not wake up some morning and said I am your role model and same with you. But on the other hand you should acted in a semi normal manner. Lots of kids look up to these players and say he is my role model. Also in the first place did you like a player because of there personality? 9 out of 10 times you like them because of there style of playing, how good they are, or you like the team they are on and like that player. The players should not have to be role models to an extent.
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