Posted on: May 19, 2010 9:13 pm

Boston Red Sox problems

      So we all know that the Boston Red Sox is doing very bad lately. I would like to tell you what they need to do. Well their biggest problem right now is their bullpen. They have been in many close games and in those games their bullpens give up too much runs. Papelpon is giving up way to much runs for a closer. The Red Sox need to sit him and give him some time to think what he is doing wrong and then play him to see what he can do. As far as the rest of the bullpen they are not that good. They need to strap down and do their jobs by not giving up so many runs. 

      Their second problem is their starting pitchers. Lets face it most Red Sox games have been pretty high scores and now with Josh Beckett on the DL this creates many more problems. Dice K needs to start to be the Red Sox's guy. He has not done that lately. After all his injury's you can not expect him to do amazing but that is what the Red Sox need. Even when Josh Beckett was in he was not that good but he was their best pitcher. That is telling you something about their starting pitchers. Jon Lester is right now their guy who is giving them the most opportunities to win. 


       Their third problem is the way they are not competing. I think their hitting is very good but are not showing it. Every game to them is just another game. That is not the way the hitters should show up. They need to think of every game as an huge game. Once this happens the Red Sox will start to do better. Kevin Youkillis is their only player who seems to show up every single game. Kevin is a dedicated guy who is dedicated to winning. The Red Sox are going through problems right now and they can over come them but will they?    


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