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Tony Romo or Matt Ryan?

Posted on: July 6, 2010 5:45 pm

Hello everybody. Now somebody was telling me that he thought that Tony Romo did better than Matt Ryan last year. He made a point that he helped Miles Austin become a pro bowler. So here is what I said to him: 

Miles Austin helped himself be a pro bowler. If you brought in Staford Miles Austin would still receive for more than 1000 yards. Miles Austin is so fast and is so good at fooling cornerbacks and blowing by safeties. Now almost every single QB in the league can throw a good pass. So Miles Austin would still be a pro bowler if Tim Hasselback threw to him. Miles Austins yards after catch were 7 yards on average. He averaged 17 yards a reception. Do the math. Tony Romo threw around a 10 yard pass everytime and Austin did the rest. Now any QB in the NFL can throw a 10 yard pass. 

Now let us take a look at Jason Witten the tight end. So he got 1000 plus yards last year too. So he averaged 11 yards a catch. He averaged 4 yards after the catch. So on average Romo threw the ball 7 yards and he did the rest. So really did Tony Romo do all the much. Now I agree Tony Romo is a good QB but he is not in anyway special. Now Tony Romo is not a great fourth quarter QB. He has had 9 fourth quarter comebacks and 10 game winning drives. Now Matt Ryan has 3 fourth quarter comebacks and 7 game winning drives and he has been in the NFL for only 2 years were Tony Romo has been starting in the NFL for 4 years. So Matt Ryan handles pressure better. 

So now lets look at Matt Ryan's wide outs. Roddy White averages 14 yards a catch. He averages 4 yards after the catch. Let us do the math so Matt Ryan throws the ball 10 yards to Roddy White and he does the rest. Does this sound familiar? Tony Gonzales averages 10 yards per catch. He also averages 3 yards after the catch. So Matt Ryan throws the ball 7 yards and Tony does the rest. Wow Deja Vu on no wait that is exactly what Tony Romo does. 

Now we need to find out how to do a tie breaker. Lets do rushing. Ok so overall the Falcons rushed for around 1600 yards. That includes Michael TurnerJason Snelling, and Jerious Norrwood. Overall the Cowboys rushed for 1900 yards. That includes Marion BarberFelix Jones, and Tashard Choice. So right now it looks like Matt Ryan has the slight edge. The Cowboys have a better run game than the Falcons. 

So how about we also go with who has the better defense. The Cowboys only allowed 28 touchdowns all year! Wow so that would mean that on average they only allow around 10 points a game. That is really good. Now let us look at the Falcons oh no they allowed 38 touchdowns all year. So in that case the Falcons allowed around 16 points a game. So the Cowboys have the better defense.

Well not it looks like Matt Ryan is getting a bigger and bigger edge. Now we shall go to strength of schedule. The Cowboys faced Tampa Bay, New York Giants, Carolina, Denver, Kansas City, Atlanta, Seattle, Philadelphia, Green Bay, Washington, Oakland, San Diego, and New Orleans. How would we rate that for defensive toughness? I think like a C-

Now for the Falcons they played Miami, Carolina, New England, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans (twice), Washington, New York Giants, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, New York Jets, and Buffalo. How would we rate that on defensive toughness? I think like a B. So Matt Ryan seems to be getting better. So really last year Matt Ryan had harder defenses to play which means he obviously will not get as much passing yards. Matt Ryan threw the ball exactly like Tony Romo ( 10 yards and 7 yards to their receivers ). The Cowboys also had the better defense so that means Tony Romo was not under as much pressure and Matt Ryan was. I will give a link to every website I visited in writing this. So now tell me who did better last year? Matt Ryan or Tony Romo?

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